Interior walls that have been freshly painted will give your home a new lease on life. Consider how different a simple color change will make your kitchen, dining room, or bedroom. Wall painting is a simple and painless way to fully transform any room in your house without making any big remodeling changes.

You can choose different paint colors. Depending on the sheen you choose, these can have a flat or satin finish. Often inquire for our free color consultation, and our interior painting service offers free paint to use on your walls before our painters arrive!

Our Painting Process

When all of the steps and materials are added together, painting your home can become daunting. Here's a quick rundown of what painting with Da Vinci Builders looks like.

Choose a Paint Color

It may be more complicated than you think to choose a paint color. How do you begin with seemingly infinite choices and all the various shades of white? Da Vinci Builders color samples provide a hand-picked collection of our favorite paint colors.

Cover the Entire Area

We don't want dust or paint to end up anywhere it doesn't belong. Our house painters begin by covering the floors and furniture in the area to be painted with drop cloths and plastic.

Preparation of the Walls

Our house painters would then prepare the surfaces before painting, as a smooth wall surface allows for better paint adhesion.

Apply New Paint

Following that, our professional house painters will add your high-quality paint. The length of this phase varies depending on the surface and paint used, but our painters can work quickly and efficiently.


We want your house to look brand new, which involves our house painters cleaning up after themselves.The best painting services will be those who assist you in selecting the appropriate paint for both projects and applying it expertly. It's possible that the best painter services, “Da Vinci Builders," are just a mouse click away.

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